Two Greek alleyways – 1st and 10th most beautiful in the world

Two Greek alleyways – 1st and 10th most beautiful in the world

Molyvos on Lesbos is the most beautiful alleyway in the world, whereas Nafplion is the tenth most beautiful

Bored pander featured a list of beautiful walkways and picturesque streets from around the world and asked people to vote for them. The winner, with 353 points, was Molyvos on the isle of Lesvos. The city of Mithymna – today’s Molyvos – is on the northwest tip of the eastern Aegean island and is filled with residences constructed of stone and wood. Here is one part of the network of alleyways.

Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece


Of course, Molyvos had a great deal of competition when it came to beautiful places from around the world. Runners up included.

2nd most beautiful – Bonn, Germany (234 points)

Bonn, Germany

3rd most beautiful – Stockholm, Sweden (198 points)

Stockholm, Sweden

4th most beautiful – Tunnel of Love, Romania, Caras-Severin (193 points)
Tunnel Of Love, Romania, Caras-severin


5th most beautiful – Valencia, Spain (182 points)

Valencia, Spain


6th most beautiful – Cullinan, South Africa (173 points)

Cullinan, South Africa

7th most beautiful – Grafton, New South Wales, Australia (171 points)

Grafton, Nsw Australia


8th most beautiful place – Spello, Italy (160 points)

Spello, Italy


9th most beautiful – Taiwan 159 points