Built on the banks of the lake Pamvotis, the city of Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, is a picturesque town that is consistent with the culture and combines a long history and a social and cultural bloom. No random bears the nickname “City of Arts and Letters’ revealed after big shots, not only in Greek but also globally. The cultural history of Ioannina, with great writers and poets, artistic and spiritual events that are organized throughout the year, giving the opportunity to get to know the roots of the spiritual tradition of Epirus.

A walk through the city has the feel of a bygone era, full of secret places and legends still living. Wonderful buildings like the House Matei Hussein, the Ottoman mosque of Veli Pasha and the entire historic centre of the town are unique attractions.

The gastronomic pleasures of Ioannina will satisfy the most demanding. The mountains of Epirus provide a wide range of spices and herbs which are freely used to complement the finest basic ingredients. Fish, of course, from the lake, such as eels and trout, are cooked in sophisticated ways, and together with frog’s legs, a special delicacy, are the hallmark of the Ioannina cuisine.

The traditional Ioannina desserts are famous throughout Greece. The famous ‘sker bourek’, or ‘sugar pie’, the exceptionally delicious baklava and the other syrup pastries are but a few of the flavours that are certain to captivate visitors.