You had definitely taste the mastic and admire the rare offspring of cyclamen in the windows of flower shops… The land is said to have given birth to Homer is a versatile island developing into a destination for alternative activities, from spring walks in the canyons of orchids, and also participation in the mastic tree cultivation. The rich history, the number of monuments and the crystal clear beaches are just some of the reasons that make Chios unique and distinctive among other islands. A walk in the country and the rest of the island will reimburse you: the Cambos with mansions and citrus, medieval villages and beaches with its wild beauty. An alternative base could be in Mastihohoria, Pyrgi, Mesta, Olympi, Armolia, Vessa. While walking through the narrow alleys, you feel that time has stopped. You will also feel the hospitality and the opportunity to discover the values ​​and traditions.