Greece intends to lift obstacles that affect investment in Thermal-Spa Tourism

Greece intends to lift obstacles that affect investment in Thermal-Spa Tourism

The Tourism Ministry intends to lift restrictions in current legislation that concern the operation and use of Greek hot-water springs, in order to promote private sector investment in this area.

Speaking via video-message, during the recent world conference on the “Prospects of Tourism-Thermalism in Different Geographical Areas in the framework of the European Health Act,” Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni underlined that lifting restrictions would not affect respective municipalities ownership rights of hot-water springs.

According to Mrs. Kefalogianni, with the cooperation of the private sector, the hot-water springs of the country could be turned into modern health tourism centers.

Greece leads the way internationally in regards to the amount, quality and quantity of hot-water springs, the tourism minister informed.

She added that the development of thermal-spa tourism in Greece is among the main priorities of the tourism ministry.

During the three-day conference, which took place 9-11 October in Edipsos, distinguished speakers presented their experience on the reality of thermalism in Greece, Europe and the world.

Mrs. Kefalogianni was originally scheduled to officially open the conference. However, due to the debate on a vote of confidence for the government, she could not attend.

The conference was organized by the Greek Union of Thermalism Businesses, Istiaia-Edipsos Municipality, the World Organization of Thermalism and the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology.