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So what’s an incentive?

Just a trip? A way to see new exciting places, feel alive, get amused with your colleagues?

It’s actually far more. An incentive trip is a way to say thank you, reward your team for what has offered and encourage them to contribute more to the values of your company. It’s a fantastic way to build strong bonds with your employees, share your company’s vision and make them meet your expectations.

Who we are?

With an experience of more than 15 years in event planning and tour operating we offer high quality service so as to make your trip unforgettable!

Our hardworking professional team are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help achieve our clients’ objectives.

Use our local knowledge to find out about each destination’s history and culture. Our unique network of insiders at each destination will seek out the best event solutions for you and provide you with a personalized program of events for our clients.

Incentive steps

Welcome, can offer professional branding services depending on company’s budget and destination.

More precisely, we offer the following services so as to prepare a unique incentive:

  • Project management that involves destination and venue sourcing, organizing group flights and airport transfers
  • On-site registration and staffing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Accommodation in the finest resorts or villas
  • Restaurants & Social events
  • Technical support, marketing collateral and print
  • Event management, which can include guided city/island tours, beach day with water sport activities, private cruises, cooking classes, wine and culture tours and more other exciting activities.

The goal is through these incentives to activate the skills and abilities of the participants.

With tailor made activities for each group, we strive to:

  • communicate corporate goals
  • liberate ideas
  • tighten labor relations
  • understand the term “collaboration”
  • understand the power of team work