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Medical Tourism in 5 steps

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing new activity worldwide. It refers to both domestic and international destinations, for those people who wish to acquire their medical care that aims to prevent, diagnose and maintain their health. It requires combination, collaboration and joint effort from both the tourism entrepreneur and the doctor. It also includes transportation services, information, tours, catering and accommodation of tourists’ health at selected hotels.

Our company, in co-operation with an expert team of qualified doctors, offers the possibility to prevent, maintain and improve the health of the patient or the person concerned, in the following specific categories:

  • Dental health
  • Gynecological check-ups
  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF) / Egg donation
  • Cosmetic treatments (collagen & hyaluronic mesotherapy, fillers, laser)

Health is a precious commodity, as a first step, please send us a quick contact request, in order the medical expert get in touch with you.

Second step, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire which will be evaluated by an expertise doctor in order to send you the suggested program or treatment that you should follow.

Third step, we will arrange your airport transfer and settle your accommodation. In the meantime the doctor who has assessed your questionnaire, will give you all the necessary information and guidance.

Fourth step, under the supervision of the medical team, we will start the treatment that you have chosen. The medical team will remain close to you throughout your stay.

Fifth step, relaxation and update by our travel specialists who will discuss with you, suggestions of excursions, tours, shopping, dining, etc.