A voyage to mainland Greece!

A voyage to mainland Greece!

Greece is an amazing mosaic of nature. Hospitable and traditional towns and villages, museums and countless archaeological sites, byzantine churches and monasteries, dreamy castle towns, ancient theatres, fortified houses and historic strongholds, stone bridges where the view takes your breath away, natural springs, rivers and lakes of great beauty which are also important natural habitats, ski resorts and warm chalets all beckon you to visit them!
Whatever your destination is, you will find local culinary treasures that will surprise you. A host of memorable experiences await you in mainland Greece making you want to visit again and again. This month let’s:

  • discover the endless beauty of this small yet vast mainland from Thrace all the way down to the Peloponnese
  • visit the castle town of Ioannina
  • savour mouthwatering Greek traditional pies
  • go shopping in the colourful markets of Thessaloniki
  • cross the gate of Monemvasia Castle for a short trip back in time
  • enjoy the original Greek carnival festivities in Naousa
  • pay a visit to the exhibition at the Teloglion Foundation, Thessaloniki, and get acquainted with the aspects of the personality of Stratis Eleftheriadis-Τériade, a famous editor and art critic from Lesvos Island
  • see what ‘Athinorama Suggests’ has for us this month.

And last but not least, let’s make a point of watching the amazing documentary titled “A Family Affair”, given the Golden Award by FIPA, which tells the tale of the Xylouri family well known for their contribution to Greek music.

A  Journey to Mainland Greece
The Castle Town of Ioannina
Savoury Greek Pies
Shopping in Thessaloniki
‘A Family Affair’ picked up a Golden Award
A Monemvasia Serenity Escape
Carnival 2015 in Naoussa
Honoring Teriade Exhibition
‘Athinorama Suggests’

Source: www.visitgreece.gr